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Work with a Top Notch LA Bankruptcy Lawyer

Are you struggling to pay off consumer or business debts? Are creditors harassing you non-stop? Then you might want to consider seeking advice from an LA bankruptcy lawyer.

Before filing for bankruptcy, it is essential that you take in important information about the legal process. You must first know which type of bankruptcy is most appropriate for your case.

KT Bankruptcy can help you with all your concerns regarding the legal procedure. We have the answers to all your bankruptcy questions.

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Chapter 7 LA Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you are looking to wipe out your debts in the quickest possible way, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy could be your way out. It allows you to keep some of your qualified assets while a bankruptcy trustee takes control in the sale of your nonexempt property.

The proceeds of the sale will then be used to pay off all your debts. No wage garnishment at all!

Benefits of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Keep Your Business Going

Chapter 11 LA Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you want to save your business from closure because of unsettled debts, filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy may be your best option. It provides you with an opportunity to develop a comprehensive repayment plan that restructures your business debts.

Benefits of a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Safeguard Your Valuable Assets

Chapter 13 LA Bankruptcy Lawyer

If letting go of some properties is an issue for you, then consider filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. It essentially extends the payment terms of your debts and allows you to accumulate the resources needed to pay them off.

Benefits of a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Where Is KT Bankruptcy LA Located?

Our office in Downtown Los Angeles is located at 515 South Flower Street, 18th & 19th Floors, Los Angeles, California 90071. It is easily accessible from the cities of Beverly Hills, Glendale, Inglewood, and Santa Monica.

You can take major thoroughfares including Interstate 10 and Glendale Freeway to get to our site.

KT Bankruptcy is conveniently located less than two miles away from the Los Angles Division of the United States Bankruptcy Court.

You also have the option to stay in world-class hotels like The Standard, Millennium Biltmore, and Omni. Popular restaurants that serve American, Asian, and European cuisines such as Otium, LiOrient, and Noe are close to our area.

What Are the Quickest Routes?

There are numerous convenient points of entry to our location.

If you drive from the Harbor Freeway, you can head to 7th Street, turn to Figueroa Street, turn to 4th Street, and proceed to South Flower Street.  

From Beverly Boulevard, you can take 1st Street and head to South Flower Street.

From the Santa Monica Freeway, you can take Interstate 10 then take the 6th Street/9th Street Exit to drive to South Flower Street.

Are you unfamiliar with the region? Call 1(888)991-4436, and we will lead you to us!

Why Should You Choose KT Bankruptcy?

Our law firm has been providing top-quality legal assistance to countless people in California for years. We firmly believe that we are more than capable of helping you get a fresh financial start.

Our remarkable success rate of 99.99% should be enough to convince you why we are the top choice.

As a full-service law firm, we will take care of your case from start to finish. We even offer a free case evaluation.

Are you worried about outrageous attorney fees? We offer practical payment plans.

If your problem is indebtedness, KT Bankruptcy is the answer.

Don’t waste any more time and take action now! Call 1(888)991-4436 today.

We have a 99.99% Success Rate
  • We have a Success rate of 99.99% When filing bankruptcy

  • We will qualify you over the phone

  • We will explain the different type of bankruptcy as little as 1 min

  • Free rеvіеw of уоur fіnаnсіаl рrоblеmѕ, соnсеrnѕ, and gоаlѕ

  • Prоvіdе solutions to your fіnаnсіаl рrоblеmѕ thаt mау іnсludе bаnkruрtсу and nоn-bаnkruрtсу орtіоnѕ

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We have a 99.99% Success Rate

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