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Stop foreclosure on your home with
chapter 13 bankruptcy.
You don’t have to pay all your debts
at once!

With chapter 13 bankruptcy, your debts will be restructured over a period of three to five years without any additional interest.
Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, under a foreclosure will help buy time so as to figure stuff out.
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Filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy might be your best option for a FRESH Start!.

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What are the benefits of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Eliminate Credit Card Debts

Eliminate Payday Loans

Keep All Your Property

Keep Your Vehicles

Stop Foreclosures

Eliminate Medical Bills

Stop Bill Collectors

Keep Your Home

Keep Your Wages

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What is chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Many individuals consider bankruptcy court, serve as the final stop for resolving financial debt when financial freedom seems impossible.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy of the federal bankruptcy code provides light in the tunnel for many individuals seeking financial redemption.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy gives regular income earners a chance to get rid of all or part of their debts, without selling any of their assets.
Popularly referred to as Wage Earner’s Bankruptcy, it is an alternative to liquidation. It is perfect for those that have regular income but need to deals with creditors’ demand for urgent payment of their debts.

The debts will be spread out over a period of three to five years, with a repayment plan to help the debtors seamlessly settle the debts.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows debtors to keep their homes and stop foreclosure as long as you meet up with the repayment plan.

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Who Should File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

  • Individuals that can prove they can pay back their debts and are willing to disclose their source of income are eligible to file for chapter 13 bankruptcy.

  • Your unsecured debts must not be more than $394,725 and $1,184,200 in unsecured debts.

  • You must be current in your tax filings, must have filed federal and state tax returns for the past four years.

  • You earn more than the state median for the same household size over a period of six months before filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Why you need to file for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy with its promise of getting rid of your debts immediately, is good but not for all occasions. Many people file for chapter 13, because:

  • They are behind on their mortgage or car loan.
    Chapter 13 bankruptcy enables you to make up for missed payment over time. This is sometimes you cannot do in chapter 7 bankruptcy.

  • They have a non-exempt property that they want to keep
    During the process of Chapter 7 bankruptcy, all your non-exempt will be sold by the trustee except those exempted by the bankruptcy code. In chapter 13 bankruptcy, you don’t have to sell any of your property, instead, the payment will be spread out towards three to five years and you will pay from your income.
  • They need more time to repay their debts
    Filing for bankruptcy entitles you to an automatic stay which put a stop to all collections effort. This will give you a better chance of repaying your debts within a period of there to five years.
  • They have too much income
    When your regular income is too much, for you to be eligible for chapter 7 bankruptcy. You can file for chapter 13 bankruptcy to get rid of your debts and get a fresh start!

During our free Consultation session, our experienced KT bankruptcy lawyer will analysis your financial situations, to determine if you are eligible for chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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What happens if you Default on your Repayment Plan?

There is a lot of negative consequences attached to defaulting on your chapter 13 bankruptcy.
Below are a few consequences of defaulting on your bankruptcy;

  • Your Bankruptcy May Not Get Confirmed
    Once you filed chapter 13 bankruptcy, you are required to appear before at a bankruptcy court for an evaluation of the repayment plan. If the bankruptcy trustee or the judge finds the repayment plan satisfactorily, the repayment will be approved, this is called “confirmation”.
    This process might take several months, you are expected to start paying according to the repayment plan prior to the approval of the plan. Failure to this might lead to your bankruptcy case not confirmed.

  • Creditors May Obtain Relief From the Automatic Stay
    You are given an automatic stay once you file for bankruptcy, which put a stop to all collection effort.
    Defaulting on your repayment plan can allow creditors to obtain relief from the automatic stay.
  • Your Bankruptcy May Get Dismissed
    If you default on your monthly chapter 13 repayment after your bankruptcy have been confirmed.
    You risk your bankruptcy from being dismissed for failing to comply with the terms of the repayment plan.

Our seasoned bankruptcy attorneys will thoroughly analyse your financial situation, and design a repayment plan that will have little or no-effect to your daily living. Making it hard for you to default on your repayment plan.

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